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Food Safety

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Outdoor food sales and mobile food premises

Registration report

In case of regular outdoor food sales, the operation must be registered. The notification should be made using the electronic form (online form).

Electronic notification of the establishment of food premises must be submitted to the Environment services' Food Safety unit, no later than four weeks prior to the commencement of operations or a significant change in operations.

The notification form is reviewed at the Food Safety unit. If necessary, the business operator may be requested to supply further information.

The Food Safety unit sends the business operator a certificate that the notification has been processed. The processing of notifications is subject to a processing fee. The processing of a food premises notification includes the registration of the premises' information in a control database maintained by the food control authority and a preliminary risk-assessment of the food premises.

The premises are inspected within a time frame based on the risk-assessment and must meet the requirements set for food premises.

Notification of sales in mobile food premises

The sale and serving of food at marketplaces, trade fairs and large public events must be notified to the Food Safety unit no later than four business days prior to the date of the sales event. Notification of the sales event should be submitted electronically via the city's eServices.

The Food Safety unit does not need to be notified of low-risk food selling operations carried out by private individuals and organisations at school bake sales, parish coffee buffets or sports club events, for example. However, the persons selling food at these types of events must maintain good hygiene and make sure that the food products are stored in appropriate temperature.

The Food Safety unit's inspectors carry out inspections at locations where food products are sold and served based on the city's food safety plan.

If you have any questions related to mobile food premises or outdoor sales, please send them to

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