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Control plan according to the Tobacco Act and the Medicines Act

Control operations cover the sales of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and nicotine-containing liquids as well as the control of smoking prohibitions and limitations. Smoking equipment, cigarette substitutes and imitation products are also included in the control operations. Additionally, the sales of nicotine products defined in the Medicines Act are controlled.

The Tobacco Act requires that municipalities have a Tobacco Act control plan (In Finnish, pdf). The control plan provides a comprehensive overall image of tobacco control operations and how the control operations are implemented. Helsinki applies a combined control plan according to the Tobacco Act and the Medicines Act.

In accordance with the Tobacco Act, the municipality will charge an annual, point of sale-specific control fee in accordance with the approved environmental healthcare pricelist (pdf) to operators that have been granted a retail licence on the account of either the old or the new Tobacco Act and that have filed a tobacco wholesale notification in accordance with the new Tobacco Act. All costs accrued from the control operations under the Tobacco Act and the Medicines Act will be covered by the revenue from the annual sales control fees. Other monitoring based on the Tobacco Act and the Medicines Act is, therefore, free of charge.

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Tobacco Act

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