Environmental health control plan

The plan for environmental health control states the available resources for environmental health work and how the resources are divided between different sectors.

In addition, the plan presents the focal areas of the work, as well as common and sector-specific projects related to the national environmental health programme.  

Other themes included in the plan are quality improvement, ensuring the qualification of the environmental health staff, preparedness for special situations and communication.

The plan for environmental health control also presents:

  1. Scope of inspections
  2. Frequency of inspections at sites or types of sites
  3. Average length of inspections
  4. Sampling and sample analysis performed by the municipality
  5. Evaluation of plan implementation

Fees are in accordance with fee charts approved by the Environment Committee. The charts present fee amounts and how fees are determined.  

Fees are charged for such public services that are not related to official duties.

Fees are always based on a specific law that entitles the municipality to charge fees. The fees are based on real costs.

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