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Environmental health control plan

The objective of environmental healthcare is to ensure, through legislative means, all residents’ right to a healthy and safe living environment. This includes such matters as clean drinking water, good indoor air and safe food. Environmental healthcare covers assignments in accordance with the Health Protection Act, Food Act, Tobacco Act, and Act on Veterinary Service.

Environmental healthcare legislation requires that the municipality has an environmental healthcare control plan (In Finnish). The control plan provides a comprehensive overall image of what is being done in terms of environmental healthcare and how the control operations are implemented.

Control operations under the environmental healthcare control plan are usually subject to a charge (price list of environmental healthcare).

You can contact the Environmental Services through:

  • Information on foodstuffs (foodstuffs and household water): tel. 09 310 14000,  
  • Health protection advisory service (e.g. day-care centres, schools, accommodation apartments, spas, sports facilities, saunas):
  • Information on pool premises and public beaches:
  • Monitoring based on the Tobacco Act and the Medicines Act

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