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In-house control (self regulated control)

In-house control refers to a system where a food business operator itself seeks to ensure that food products are safe and meet the requirements laid down in foodstuff regulations. All food business operators from food industry to small kiosks are obligated to have an in-house control system. 

The easiest way to meet the obligation of establishing an in-house control system, is to draw up a written in-house control plan. You can use the templates for an in-house control plan compiled by the City of Helsinki Food Safety Unit. If you use the templates, complete them by adding more detailed information about your company and operations under the different sections.

In-House control templates: Restaurants (.docx) and Shops (.doc)

A food business operator must have sufficient and correct information on the product that they have produced, refined, and distributed. An operator must be familiar with the hazards associated with foodstuff products and specify their management methods. All operators in the food business are obligated to ensure that the foodstuffs, with regard to their chemical, physical and microbiological features, are such that they constitute no hazard to human health and do not mislead consumers. The functioning of the in-house control is assessed by food inspectors through inspections and sampling.

The in-house control system must have a person in charge who develops and maintains the system and familiarizes other employees with the system. The person in charge ensures that the in-house control is carried out in practice in everyday work. Everyone in the company must know their role in implementing the in-house control system and be able to handle it.

Records must be kept of the implementation of the in-house control. By keeping records on in-house control, operators can demonstrate the realisation of their plans. The in-house control-related bookkeeping and other records must be kept in a way that allows them to be inspected by food inspectors.  The records of the in-house control include, for example, bookkeeping related to food temperature monitoring and refrigeration.

 In-house control templates at the bottom of the page.


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