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To speed up processing, please attach a layout including furniture/fittings to the notification.

The notification of food premises (section 10 of the Food Act, new, substantial change of operation, change of operator, closing down business or suspension of activity) notification concerning food premises such as:

  • grocery shops
  • kiosks
  • restaurants
  • pubs / bars
  • cafes
  • bakeries
  • industrial kitchens
  • warehouses
  • professional outdoor food sales, including marketplace sales and movable food premises

Make the notification primarily using a webform at Unfortunately, the service is only available in Finnish and Swedish at the moment. You can log in to the llppa website directly with authentication by a private trader or the company's signatory, ie. the company's official representative. Other users of ilppa need an authorization issued by the company's official representative in the website.  More detailed instructions (in Finnish or Swedish) on how to use the Ilppa service can be found on the Finnish Food Authority's website.

Notification of sales in movable food premises (section 12 of the Food Act) 

22.03.2023 09:36