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Reports and applications

The footer of each form includes the return address to which the filled out form should be sent.

Electronic form (web forms) can be filled out directly on the Internet. The electronic form requires authentication with, for example, bank codes and a valid e-mail address.

To speed up processing, please attach a layout including furniture/fittings to the notification.

The notification of food premises (section 13 of the Food Act, new, substantial change of operation, change of operator, closing down business or suspension of activity) notification concerning food premises such as:

  • grocery shops
  • kiosks
  • restaurants
  • cafes
  • bakeries
  • industrial kitchens
  • warehouses
  • professional outdoor food sales, including marketplace sales and movable food premises
  • Electronic form "web form" (If the form appears in Finnish, click "in English" up in the middle)
  • Word
  • Pdf

Notification of sales in movable food premises (section 15a of the Food Act) (previously called a notification of temporary sales or catering)


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