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News about Food Safety Control

About 150 cases of food poisoning caused by oysters in Helsinki

 About 150 people have reported food poisoning after eating oysters in restaurants in Helsinki between February 8 and 26, 2023. The illnesses are related to French and Dutch oysters. There are cases of illness from several different restaurants. Restaurants have been inspected and samples have been taken from them and traceability information has been requested. Oyster importers have withdrawn batches from the market. The examination of the food samples is in progress. Some of the patient samples have been completed and, in connection with the epidemic, norovirus has been found in seven people so far. People who ate oysters have been actively in contact with environmental services, and there are now enough reports to investigate the epidemic.

You will find more information here.

Instructions for preventing a norovirus epidemic

The instructions for food industry operators on preventing norovirus epidemics has been updated. You will find instructions here.

Electronic counselling for food safety

The telephone for the Food Safety Unit has been discontinued on January 1, 2023. In the future, you will be able to reach the Food Safety Unit electronically. You can send a notification about the food business, food poisoning or adverse observation directly in electronic service: For other matters, you can contact us by email:

The food control plan has bee updated for the year 2023

You will find the plan here (in Finnish).

Instructions on preparing for the power outages for shops and restaurants

The Finnish Food Authority has published instructions for food business operators such as shops and restaurants on preparing for power outages. Instructions can be found on the Finnish Food Authority´s website.

The self-monitoring plan templates for restaurants and stores are updated

Helsinki City Food Safety Unit has updated self-monitoring plan templates intended for restaurants and stores. The self-monitoring template has been updated in accordance with the changes in the legislation. The adequacy of the self-monitoring system is also evaluated with Oiva inspections.

You can find the updated self-monitoring templates on the website.

Instructions for medium-fried ground beef patties

The Finnish Food Authority has published instructions for serving places on medium-fried ground beef patties and the information to be reported on them. The Food Agency recommends that all minced meat products be served properly cooked. Raw ground beef is a high-risk food for the presence of EHEC bacteria. When the meat is ground, the bacteria on the surface of the meat mix all over the ground meat. There have been several large outbreaks of food poisoning caused by the EHEC bacteria around the world, which have been linked to poorly cooked ground beef patties. You will more information on these links:

The new Food Act and annual fee for controls 2022

The new Food Act entered into force on April 21, 2021 and its key changes are related to the fees. In addition to the inspection fees, from the beginning of 2022, the annual fee for controls will be charged, which will fund  advice work. The annual control fee is EUR 150 per year per control object. The fee is not charged to registered primary production sites, village shops and not from non-profit organizations such as food aid operators.

Food Act in PDF (Elintarvikelaki)

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