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Food handling premises

Establishing a food handling premises

Restaurants, cafés, shops, kiosks, bakeries or similar

Starting the operation of new food premises, a significant change in operations, the interruption or termination of operations or a change of operator all require submitting a notification. Make the notification primarily using a webform at Unfortunately, the service is only available in Finnish and Swedish at the moment. You can log in to the llppa website directly with authentication by a private trader or the company's signatory, ie. the company's official representative. Other users of ilppa need an authorization issued by the company's official representative in the website.  More detailed instructions (in Finnish or Swedish) on how to use the Ilppa service can be found on the Finnish Food Authority's website.

You can also submit a notification via e-mail to or by sending a paper version of the form to the following address: City of Helsinki Environment services, PO Box 58235, 00099 City of Helsinki   Word   Pdf

A notification of the establishment of food premises must be submitted to the Environment services no later than four weeks prior to the commencement of operations or a significant change in operations. The notification must be accompanied by a floor plan of the food premises showing  layout of premises and intended use and location of equipment and furniture.

Handling of the notification

The notification form is reviewed at the Environment services. If necessary, the business operator may be requested to supply further information.

The Environment services sends the business operator a certificate that the notification has been processed. The processing of notifications is subject to a processing fee. The processing of a food premises notification includes the registration of the premises' information in a control database maintained by the food control authority and a preliminary risk-assessment of the food premises.

The premises are inspected within a time frame based on the risk-assessment (within 1, 3 or 6 months from the commencement of operations) and must meet the requirements set for food premises.

Meat, fish, milk or storage facility

Meat, fish or milk facilities are subject to approval.

The business operator must submit an application (Word, PDF) via e-mail to or send a paper version of the notification form to the following address: City of Helsinki, Registry, Environment services, PO Box 10, 00099 City of Helsinki.

Premises categorised as meat, fish, milk or storage facilities must be approved by the Environment services before their operations can commence. The application must include a floor plan of the facility and an in-house control plan. The processing of application is subject to a processing fee.


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