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Noise abatement action plan

The City of Helsinki’s noise abatement action plan for 2018-2022 is completed. It is based on the newest noise mapping from 2017. It presents goals for reducing noise pollution, as well as the noise abatement actions for the period 2018–2022.

The noise abatement actions are divided into three themes: planning and guidance, affecting the noise source, and structural noise abatement. The themes cover 14 action cards with a total of 53 concrete actions, along with their responsible parties and implementation schedules. 15 of the actions are listed as noise abatement top actions. Their effects are considered significant and their feasibility good. Particular attention is paid to the promotion and monitoring of top actions.

Preventing the problems caused by noise is the primary means of noise abatement. Solutions used in land use and traffic planning are essential. In addition, noise level reduction actions are needed. These measures include the use of anti-noise coatings, reductions in speed limits and reducing the use of studded tyres. Many of the measures that reduce noise pollution also have positive effects on the quality of air, the climate, and traffic safety. However, barriers are required in areas where other measures cannot provide the necessary level of noise reduction. 

Highway noise reduction 

The Noise Abatement Action Plan of the Finnish Transport Agency completed in 2018 includes six sites in Helsinki. During the previous action plan, only the noise abatement project on road 101 in Sepänmäki was implemented. Construction in Sepänmäki started in 2016 with incorporating excess mass in the noise barrier. 

However, some noise abatement measures have been executed on other roads in the Helsinki region in connection with roadworks. A noise barrier was completed in 2014 to the north of Ring I next to Kivikko. Noise abatement projects were started in 2016 on Porvoonväylä (main road 7) next to Jakomäki and on the Herttoniemi stretch of Itäväylä (road 170).

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