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Environmental statistics

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Helsinki environmental statistics present extensive statistical information on the environment

The extensive environmental statistics of the City of Helsinki can be found in an open online database. The environmental statistics include hundreds of tables, graphs and maps. The data of the environmental statistics illustrates the state of the environment and burdens on the environment.

The environmental statistics include data on the climate, traffic and transport, the sea and water bodies, air quality, nature, waste and environmental responsibility. The statistics include the key indicators of the achievement of sustainable development goals.

The data mainly comes from the City of Helsinki administrative bodies, and some of it comes from other organizations and cities. The data focuses on Helsinki, but the statistics also include data from elsewhere in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland and the world.

The data of the environmental statistics is used for many different purposes, for example, to support the City environmental reporting and for reviewing the state of the environment. The data of the environmental statistics is complemented and updated yearly. The key environmental statistics are available in English and Swedish in addition to Finnish.

Helsinki environmental statistics

Information on the state of the environment in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and environmental burdens easily accessed

The environmental statistics are supported by webpages on the Helsinki Metropolitan Area environmental data. The pages compile the key environmental data of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa in an easily accessible format.

The pages present the key data that illustrates the state of the environment and environmental burdens with the help of graphs and text. The content illustrates aspects of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa. The information presented on the pages is based on the data of the Helsinki environmental statistics.  

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