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Environmental policy

Helsinki City Council approved the City of Helsinki environmental policy at the Council meeting on 26 September 2012. The Environmental policy is currently being updated, as the medium-term target year has arrived, the City Strategy has tightened e.g. carbon neutrality target until 2035, and legislation has been tightened e.g. with regard to air protection objectives. In addition, the update is intended to take into account the operations of the entire City Group more comprehensively.

The goals of the City of Helsinki environmental policy have been set both for the long term to 2050 and for the medium term to 2020. The goals fall into eight categories, which are the following:

  • Climate protection
  • Air protection
  • Noise control
  • Protection of the sea and water bodies
  • Nature and soil conservation
  • Procurement, waste and materials efficiency
  • Environmental awareness and responsibility
  • Environmental management and partnerships

The environmental policy is part of the City of Helsinki environmental management, and it complements the environmental guidelines of the City of Helsinki Strategy.

The main channels to implement the environmental policy are the programmes for the sub-categories of environmental protection (including the air protection programme and noise control action plan) as well as the environmental systems and programmes of various administrative bodies.

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