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Environmental management at divisions and municipal enterprises

The City of Helsinki strives to incorporate environmental management into the overall City administration. The City has worked towards this goal in many different ways.

The City of Helsinki environmental policy requires all City Group corporations to have and apply a verified environmental system by 2020. The policy requires that the City departments and subsidiaries incorporate environmental management into their operations in accordance with the principles of simplified environmental systems, and that environmental management is included in the departments’ and City Group corporations’ bonus and other reward systems.   

For the entire City, environmental affairs are steered by the city strategy approved by the City Council, by the City of Helsinki environmental policy and by shared premises for planning and budgetary guidelines approved by the City Board. Over the recent years, the City has produced several programmes for the sub-categories of environmental protection, which implement sections of the overall City environmental management.

A significant part of the City budget estimate process consists of defining operational goals. For several years in its budget estimate instructions, the Helsinki City Board has requested the administrative bodies to define operational environmental goals as well.

The environmental goals included in the budget estimate are key tools for the Helsinki environmental management, in addition to the strategies and programmes. These environmental goals turn the overall environmental principles of the City into concrete practices applied by the administrative bodies. 

The administrative bodies differ in terms of integrating environmental management into operational management.

Ecocompass in aid of small and medium enterprises

The Helsinki City Group corporations have been developing their environmental systems over many years, and City departments have begun to build a highly simplified environmental management system called Ecocompass.

Ecocompass is a simplified environmental management tool intended for small and medium enterprises. It offers users a systematic process to manage their environmental matters.

Ecocompass forms a part of the Nordic environmental network and represents voluntary cooperation with the City. Ecocompass helps users to improve their environmental management and eco-efficiency in a comprehensive manner.

To build an Ecocompass system for themselves, users proceed systematically from mapping their base level and from assessing their environmental impact to preparing an environmental programme. The process enables users to review their entire operations from the point of view of the environment and process optimization.

The environmental operations of the users are audited by an independent certifying agent. An Ecocompass certificate, which is signed by the Helsinki mayor, is valid for three years.


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