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Remediation of contaminated soil

According to Paragraph 78 of the Environmental Protection Act, an environmental permit is required for the handling of contaminated soil. An exception to the requirement is a situation provided for in Paragraph 78 Section 2 of the said act in which contaminated soil can be remedied provided the operation is reported.

The Ministry of the Environment has transferred to the City of Helsinki Environment services the authority to process all reports on operations in the area of Helsinki. The authority is valid to 31 December 2018.

Remediation of soil at a contaminated site or removal of contaminated soil to be processed elsewhere can be commenced by submitting a report if:

  1. the extent of the contaminated site and the level of contamination have been adequately investigated,
  2. the remediation is carried out using an approved remediation method in general use, and
  3. the operation does not cause other contamination of the environment.

The City of Helsinki Environment services audits the reports and issues decisions on them. The decisions may contain requirements necessary for the proper organization and supervision of the operations. The decisions are charged according to current rates.

06.12.2019 19:37