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Notifications of noise

Informing neighbours

Temporary operations causing particularly disturbing noise or vibration must always be notified in advance to those affected by the noise or vibration including residents, institutions of care and education and others that may be disturbed or otherwise adversely affected.

Operators must also agree on adequate noise and vibration prevention measures with daycare centres, churches and other religious institutions and others who may be unreasonably harmed by the operation.

Notification of noise

In addition, operators must submit a notification in writing (notification of noise) to the Environment services'  Environmental Monitoring and Supervision Unit  in accordance with Paragraph 118 of the Environmental Protection Act no less than 30 days prior to the commencement of the operation in case of the following:

  • temporary crushing of rock
  • excavation including drilling, blasting, and loading and transport of rock, as well as piling and the use of hydraulic hammers if
    • the operation is carried out at other times than between 7:00 and 18:00 on weekdays from Monday to Friday
    • if excavation lasts for more than 25 days
    • if piling is carried out and hydraulic hammers are used for more than 10 workdays
  • other operations than ordinary construction, demolishing, repair, maintenance or similar temporary work that causes the noise level to exceed 85 dB at 10 metres’ distance from the noise source and the work is carried out
    • between 22:00 and 7:00 on two or more nights
    • between 18:00 and 22:00 for more than five days
    • between 7:00 and 22:00 on two or more weekends from Saturday to Sunday or on public holidays
    • between 7:00 and 18:00 on weekdays from Monday to Friday for more than 25 days
  • a temporary event causing noise, for example
    • an outdoor concert with sound amplification
    • a motor sports event
    • a sports or entertainment event, show or other major event that causes particularly disturbing noise
    • an air show or a temporary event offering airplane rides for the audience with more than ten takeoffs and landings

Environmental Monitoring and Supervision Unit has started using Lupapiste for all environmental permits and notifications. Notifications must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the commencement of the operations.

The responsibility for making a notification lies with the builder, event organizer or similar party whose operation is the main cause of the noise or vibration.

Notifications are delivered to the City of Helsinki Register Office. If the operation extends over more than one municipality, the notification is submitted to the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment where the majority of the operation takes place.

Based on a notification, the Environmental Monitoring and Supervision Unit  makes a decision that may include requirements necessary for the prevention of environmental contamination caused by the operation, for the supervision of the operation, for information to local residents and for compliance with the provisions of the Waste Act in connection of the operation.

The processing of a notification usually takes 2–4 weeks. The decision is mailed to the reporting party, who is charged a fee according to the current rates. Decisions can be appealed to the Vaasa Administrative Court.

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