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Climate partners

Cooperation between the City of Helsinki and businesses

The Climate Partners network fosters cooperation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to make businesses more competitive. The businesses that join Climate Partners sign a Climate Commitment with the Helsinki Mayor, specifying their climate goals in the commitment.

Today the Climate Partners network has more than 60 members, most of them businesses. The network also includes universities and research institutes.

The objectives of Climate Partners are to:

  1. Create new operating methods and new business opportunities
  2. Create more new and inspiring ways of cooperation to reduce emissions in the city area
  3. Operate visibly and to be active in providing information on the results
  4. Share best practices

What does the Climate Commitment involve?

Climate Partners define their goals for mitigating climate change over the next few years. The goals should aim at improving the current situation and going beyond the requirements of the current legislation. A Climate Partner can focus on any area, for example, energy savings, energy efficiency, improved logistics, environmentally aware procurement, processing of waste or committing the staff.

How does the network operate?

Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapaavuori signs the climate commitments on behalf of the City of Helsinki. Helsinki Deputy Mayor Anni Sinnemäki chairs the network, which is coordinated by the City of Helsinki Environment Services together with the City of Helsinki Economic Development. Every year, the Environment Services gathers information about the implementation of commitments from network members. Universities, universities of applied sciences and various organizations can join the network as supporting members.

In addition to an annual seminar, the network organizes workshops on logistics, energy conservation and other topics. Climate Partners can also contact the coordinator directly and offer suggestions for network activities.

Join us on the Climate Partners Web site!

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