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Eco-support activities – environmental action in the workplace

Eco-support is an operation model for workplaces for the promotion of environmental awareness. Eco-support activities are carried out under the supervision of specially named and trained eco-support staff.

Eco-support has been developed in the Helsinki City organization, where it was initiated in 2006. Today, there are more than 1,600 City employees who have completed a two-day eco-support training.

Objectives of eco-support

  • Increasing environmental awareness and environmentally responsible operations at workplaces
  • Consideration of environmental aspects in all City operations
  • Saving of natural resources and mitigation of climate change

Eco-support helps

  • to increase the environmental responsibility of workplaces and staff
  • workplaces to create a new organizational culture that produces environmentally responsible everyday achievements
  • to turn City environmental strategies and goals into practice

Eco-support staff guide and inspire

The roles of the eco-support staff are determined by the workplace and the individuals. That main thing is to inspire and guide others to act in ways that are the most sensible for the environment.

Environmentally aware operations at the workplace are evident as energy savings, sustainable procurement, transport choices and reduced volumes of waste, among other aspects.

Developed further and coordinated by the Environmental Services

The eco-support staff is assisted in their work with training, network meetings and materials. Eco-support activities are carried out in many municipalities in Finland and elsewhere in the public sector. The activities are developed and coordinated by the City of Helsinki Environmental Services.


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