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Hearing of neighbours

The neighbours are usually heard in connection of building construction, extension and demolition projects. Neighbours are the owners and holders of adjacent properties.

In the hearing of neighbours, neighbours are informed about the permit application and provided with an opportunity to comment on the application within a certain time period, for example, within two weeks. In case the application involves deviations from the detailed plan or other conditions that affect the neighbours’ interests, these deviations or conditions must be reported in the hearing letter mailed to the neighbours.

Deviations to detailed plans that affect the neighbours’ interests can include the placement of a building, shed or other structure closer to the border of a neighbour’s site than allowed by the detailed plan or building order. If this is the case, the neighbour’s approval is required in addition to adherence to the normal hearing procedure.

The hearing of neighbours and approval by neighbours are two different matters. If it is only required to hear the neighbours, a deviation can be authorized despite the neighbours’ opposition if there are no other conditions to deny the deviation. If the neighbours’ approval is required, the deviation cannot be authorized without this approval. The approval must be in writing. If a neighbour is mailed a hearing letter requesting the neighbour’s approval, but the neighbour does not reply, this does not constitute an approval.

Applicants for permits should conduct the hearing of neighbours themselves, as this speeds the process and saves money. The hearing of neighbours is conducted with a hearing form issued by the Building Control Services and according to the service’s written instructions. The Building Control Services can also conduct the hearing, in which case the department charges the hearing to the applicant according to rates approved by the City Board.

Neighbours must also be heard about structures that do not require a permit or, if necessary, their approval must be obtained for such structures.

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