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Non-compliance with the regulations, prohibitions and limitations of the Land Use and Building Act can be applied for in special cases.

Any deviation from regulations must always be based on some special condition related to the site or the use of the area. Deviations can be applied for if they improve the residential or operating environment, the cityscape, the state of the environment, safety, service levels, the uses of a building, building protection or transport conditions in comparison with compliance with regulations.

Applicants for deviations must always report and provide arguments for the deviations requested. Personal wishes are not sufficient arguments for deviations.

The processing of deviation applications takes into consideration the nature of the area, the location and the views of local residents and other parties concerned. In addition to neighbours, others are also heard if the project can affect their housing, working or other conditions.

Applications for deviations are always negotiated with Building Control before they are submitted, in order that the application documents can be complemented as necessary. Completed application documents are always submitted to the area’s permit secretary in the Building Control Services.

Depending on the nature of the case, the decision is made by the Construction Committee, the City Planning Committee, the director of the City Planning Department, the City Board or the Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

If a deviation is granted, this does not mean that construction can be started, which can only be done with an approved building permit.

Read more in the instructions for deviations and the instructions for minor deviations authorized in the building permitting process.

06.12.2019 18:54