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Demolishing a building

The demolishing of a building or a part thereof in an area governed by a detailed plan requires a demolition permit granted by the Building Control Services against an application. A permit is also required outside areas governed by detailed plans if construction is prohibited in the area because of a detailed planning process or construction is prohibited in the city plan.

There is no need for a permit if the demolition is required by a valid building permit, by a road plan in accordance with the Land Use and Building Act or by an approved road plan in accordance with the act on public roads. There is also no need for a permit to demolish a utility building or a comparable minor structure, unless the building is either historically or architecturally valuable or forms a part of such a building.

Even if no permit is needed, the demolition must be reported to the Building Control Services in writing no less than 30 days prior to the commencement of the demolition work (demolition report). Within this time frame, the Building Control Services may require a demolition permit application to be submitted.

No demolition permit is needed if:

  • ordinary structures are demolished in connection of a renovation of the building,
  • the building demolished is a temporary structure, or
  • the Construction Committee requires the building to be demolished.

Read more in the instructions for demolishing a building.

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