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Applying for a permit

A building permit application begins with a preliminary meeting 

When all matters related to a construction project have been cleared, a preliminary meeting with the permitting authorities is organized. At this stage the builder or contractor has hired the main designer for the project, who books a time from Building Control to discuss the project. The meeting is booked with the area’s permit secretary. 

Building Control uses the preliminary meeting to assess the requirements of the project and the qualifications of the proposed designers before the actual permitting process. The permitting authority goes through the essential questions necessary for the permitting process together with the main designer and the builder or contractor.

As necessary, a separate technical preliminary meeting is also held to go through in more detail questions related to structures, building technology or energy efficiency. In case of a more demanding project, a statement by the Cityscape Advisory Board or the Technical Advisory Board may also be needed.

The documents and plans attached to a permit application should be prepared with care. When the plans and attachments defined in the preliminary meetings are ready, the application is to be submitted electronically through Lupapiste- service.

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