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Do I need a permit?

You need a permit or statement from the City of Helsinki Building Control Services for the following activities.


  1. New buildings

    You need a permit to construct a new building. The main requirement for a permit in an area governed by a detailed plan is that the construction project conforms to this plan.

    A deviation from a detailed plan requires a deviation approval before the actual building permit can be applied for, see the instruction under Deviation.

    A Building Control officer can grant permissions for minor deviations from a detailed plan in the building permitting process. Deviations must always be discussed with the permitting officer well in advance.

  2. Extensions to buildings

    A permit is required for extensions to existing buildings and floor space increases inside buildings.

  3. Renovations and alterations to buildings

    A permit is required for alterations comparable to new construction and for alterations that affect the safety of building users or health conditions in the building.

    Examples of alterations requiring a permit:
    • alterations to the uses of buildings
    • alterations to load-bearing structures
    • major alterations to building technology, for example, renovation of pipes
    • alterations that affect fire safety solutions.
  4. Demolition permit

    The demolition of a building requires either a demolition permit or a report on the demolition, see Demolition of buildings. A demolition permit is required for the demolition of a building or a section thereof, if the building is located in an area governed by a detailed plan or if the building is located in an area where construction is prohibited because of a detailed planning process or by the city plan.

    NO demolition permit is required if:
    • the building permit in effect requires the building to be demolished,
    • a road plan in accordance with the Land Use and Building Act or an approved road plan in accordance with the act on public roads requires the building to be demolished, or
    • the building is a utility building or a comparable minor structure, unless the building can be considered historically or architecturally valuable or a part of a historically or architecturally valuable unit.

Even if no permit is required, the demolition must be reported to the municipal building control authority in writing no less than 30 days prior to the commencement of the demolition project.



An operation permit is required for:

    • structures and production plants if the operation impacts natural conditions, land use in the surrounding area, the cityscape or the landscape, but the operation does not require the type of supervision required by construction projects,
    • operations that alter the outer appearance of buildings, in case no building permit is required, and
    • dwelling arrangements in apartment buildings, in case no building permit is required.

       See the instruction under Operation permit.  


Minor operations can be authorized with a statement issued by the Building Control Services. This statement can be:

    • Statement Z, see instruction under Statement Z on minor construction operations and operations affecting building technology
    • Statement KL, see instruction on Statement concerning cityscape
    • Statement M / minor landscaping work and felling of trees, see instruction Felling of trees from properties

Earth construction with a significant effect on the landscape, felling of trees and comparable operations require a landscape permit, see instruction under Landscape work.

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