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Instructions and forms for builders

Instructions and forms approved by the City of Helsinki Building Control Services and Construction Committee are compiled on the Building Control Service`s web pages.

The instructions and forms are in PDF. There are two types of forms: forms that you can fulfil online and others to print. Most of the applications can be submitted through Lupapiste -service. 

Instructions (in Finnish)

 Forms (in Finnish)

Instructions for construction practices and the design of the immediate surroundings

Instructions for construction practices and the design of the immediate surroundings clarify and complement the regulations of detailed plans, and they specify the design principles to be applied in detailed design in addition to other building regulations. The instructions mainly contain regulations related to cityscape and the quality of construction. Instructions for renovation practices are aimed to develop sites with respect to their special character and design principles.

Interpretations of building control practices

The building control authorities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen have mutually agreed on some interpretations and practices, which are available online on


The Land Use and Building Act defines the general conditions of construction operations, the main technical requirements, construction permit practices and oversight by authorities. A related decree complements the act. More specific regulations can be found in the collection of Finnish construction regulations.

In Helsinki, the City of Helsinki building order is also applied. The order was approved by the City Council on 22 September 2010.

Instructions (in Finnish)

Forms (in Finnish)

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