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City survey services, Customer Services

Työpajankatu 8
00580 Helsinki
P.O. Box 58232, 00099 City of Helsinki
+358 9 310 22111
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Cable Location Service

Työpajankatu 8
00580 Helsinki
P.O. Box 58231, 00099 City of Helsinki
+358 9 310 31940
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Information for designers and engineers

A building plan is always made for a particular site. A good plan requires a careful study of the site and diverse other information.

Detailed plans available from a map service

The City of Helsinki’s map and location information service contains diverse, updated information on Helsinki. It gives designers and engineers easy access to current detailed plans and their scopes. Current detailed plans and copies of them are available from the City Planning Department.

Building permit maps available from City Survey Division

Map documents to be attached to building permit applications are ordered from the City of Helsinki Real Estate Department’s City Survey Division. The division checks the validity of the map documents and, if necessary, complements the documents with new surveys. The map documents are valid for 3 months.

Affected parties and neighbours can be found in ownership documents

The City Survey Division can provide a report on the neighbours of a site based on ownership documents. The division charges a fee for the service.

Do not undertake an excavation without information about underground cables

The Real Estate Department’s City Survey Division maintains information about underground cables available for excavation and drilling projects and related planning.

Construction projects should also pay attention to:

  • local building practices, instructions for the immediate environment and local renovation practices,
  • digital location information,
  • site levelling, soil survey and ground water level,
  • site elevation report,
  • water and sewage pipe connections, connection point statements,
  • connection to the electricity grid,
  • connection to the district heating network,
  • underground wells, structures, geothermal heat pumps,
  • important ground water areas, and
  • environmental studies.

Renovation projects also need information about the building, its condition and whether the building is protected

Read more about Renovations and alterations.

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