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Archive services

Building Control archives – online and personal services

The Building Control Services stores permit decisions on construction projects, approved main drawings, special plans and other documents related to approved construction projects. These documents include final review documents, summaries of inspection documents and energy certificates updated in connection of final reviews. The archives of the Building Control Services sell more than 70,000 copies of documents annually. The focus of the operations has recently shifted to online service.

Building drawings from the online Arska service

The archives’ online Arska service contains the main and technical drawings as well as special drawings of nearly all Helsinki buildings. There are nearly 3 million drawings, 800,000 of them main drawings, while the rest are special plans. Arska is updated continuously with new materials.

Permit documents, drawings and special plans can be reviewed at the service’s archives

Other permit documents, drawings and special plans can be reviewed in person at the Building Control Service`s archives. The archives sell copies of the materials or the documents can be saved on a CD.

Copies can be ordered with a form that is fulfilled at the customer service desk. The archives’ customer service can fulfil small orders as the customer waits. The estimated completion of larger orders and CD copies is reported to the customer when the order is submitted.

The archive fees are listed on a price list. 

What do the archives contain?

Main drawings
The oldest main drawings date back to the late 19th century.

Technical drawings
Technical drawings of major projects mainly in the inner city were requested until 1990. These drawings are archived on microfilm and cover the period 1908–1990.

Special plans
The archives also contain special plans including structural, ventilation and piping drawings. Structural drawings date back to 1908, water and sewage pipe drawings to 1913 and ventilation drawings to 1965. They are available on microfilm.  

Electrical plans and plans related to heating systems have never been submitted to the Building Control Services, so no related drawings can be found in the archives. Property owners and managers are responsible for archiving electrical drawings.

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