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Information for builders

Many questions arise when planning a construction or renovation project. Do I need a permit? How should I proceed? What drawings do I need and where can I find them?

Current information from webpages and the Building Control newsletter

You can find answers to many of your questions from the instructions published by the Building Control Services. If you wish to stay updated on new building regulations and permit instructions, subscribe to the online Building Control newsletter

Customer Services offers information and instructions when starting a project

The Customer Services for Land Use and Construction is happy to answer any questions that may arise when starting a construction or renovation project. .

The Customer Services’ library offers builders literature, instructions and guidebooks. The Customer Services organizes seminars, training and information sessions on design and construction. You can pick up drawings and other documents from the The Customer Services archives. The drawings of the archives can be purchased online from the City’s Arska service.

After you have studied the online instructions, found out if you need a permit and hired the main designer, the designer can book a preliminary meeting with the permitting authorities to discuss the project. The meeting is booked with the permit secretary.

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How to connect to water, electricity and heating networks?

sewer networks, wastewater systems, power-distribution network, district heating and cooling

Customer Services for Land Use and Construction

The Customer Services for Land Use and Construction offers information and instructions for the early stages of a construction project.