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Building a home

Projects to build a detached or semi-detached house are supported by the Building Control Services in many ways. The service maintains Web pages for detached and semi-detached home builders, holds series of evening meetings that move from one project stage to another, and provides diverse instructions. The The Customer Services  for Land Use and Construction provides advice and information at early project stages, and the permitting officers provide more guidance in the preliminary meetings.

To be successful, a house construction project should be planned with good time, and the lead designer should be hired in the beginning of the project. A lead designer is also required for a pre-built home. It is advisable to hire the other designers required by the law and a supervisor at an early project stage. The design should be carried out on a realistic timetable. You can visit the Building Control Services even before hiring the lead designer, as soon as you have secured the site.

The builder shall ensure that the construction project complies with regulations and is conducted in a healthy and safe manner.

First review the instructions

See instructions for home builders published by the Building Control Services. The instructions are in Finnish and in PDF.

The building a home pages (in Finnish) contain information about the roles of other authorities in house construction projects. The pages describe the stages of construction projects in Helsinki from site acquisition to the final review. The pages also contain videos of evening seminars.

A direction for design from meetings

As soon as you have the information about the site and have completed tentative drafts for the design, you should make an appointment to see a permitting officer at the Building Control Services.

The meeting provides you with important information about various conditions affecting the project and allows you to ensure that the project is feasible. You should also make use of the energy-related information available.

The main question in the design of a single-family home is how to make the best use of the site. If the detailed plan only regulates the volume of construction, the site design is dictated by the size of the site, land formations, compass points, the neighbours, transport and noise. The placement of buildings and parking spaces defines the usability of the yard and the quality of the views from the home. The design should always be carried out with due attention to the immediate surroundings and cityscape.

Time the project right, be energy efficient

The Building Control Services has traditionally favoured home builders who start the process early with a rate reduction that has mostly stretched from October to January. So far builders of “Helsinki single-family homes” and energy-efficient projects are also given the reduced rate.

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