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Facade alterations

Façade renovations should be carried out with respect to the original façade solutions typical of the era when the building was designed and constructed as concerns details, materials and colours.

Façade renovations should be carried out with competent designers, who start from the basic data of the property, the requirements of the detailed plan and possible building protection requirements. The lead designer should be in contact with the Building Control Services at the earliest possible stage to work on necessary documents and to specify the permit procedure for the façade project with the permitting officer.  

The energy efficiency of buildings should be evaluated as part of building envelope renovations. The evaluations are carried out as part of renovations and alterations subject to a building or operation permit and when building uses are changed. See instructions on Building energy efficiency.

The links below are to instructions for façade alterations provided by the Building Control Services as well as to other key regulations and instructions. The search function is for façade colours on the Helsinki colour scheme pages that instruct designers on the façade colour schemes typical of various eras in Helsinki between 1850 and 1960.

If new advertising fixtures or posters are installed on a façade, they must adhere to the instructions provided by the Building Control Services.

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