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Energy information

The City of Helsinki Building Control Services advises builders in the permitting phase on how to improve building energy efficiency and how to conduct the energy efficiency survey. The building control authorities of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area give related instructions on their joint Web site There are many other useful Web sites that help builders in energy-related matters.

The Building Control Services has been involved in the development of an eco-calculator for builders, which contains information and allows builders to assess the ecological qualities of the project. The Building Control of the City of Oulu maintains an online service for assessing the quality of a detached or semi-detached house and pages on energy-efficiency improvements.

The energy-efficient home project seeks to promote low-energy construction and provide reliable information for the builders and designers of new detached semi-detached houses. Information is distributed on the Web site and at various events. The project is coordinated by Motiva Oy, and it is joined by several construction organizations and companies.

There are various subsidies for renovations and energy-efficiency improvements in residential buildings. Read more on energy-efficiency and renovation subsidies.

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