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Repair projects for apartments and single-family houses

Many renovations proceed with just the permission from the housing company.

Permission from the housing company is usually sufficient for building, moving, expanding, or renovating a kitchen, home utility room, or toilet, if the project is entirely carried out within the apartment. For more detailed instructions, please refer to the new instructions on statements regarding minor constructional and architectural engineering actions (so-called Z statement).

Sanitary facilities, such as bathrooms and saunas, can most often also be renovated by permission from the housing company. For further information, please refer to the Sanitary facility construction permit instructions.

Project documents stored by the housing company

If an authority permit or statement is not required for the project, the related drawings, inspection documents and other documents are not stored at the Building Control Department. In such cases, the housing company and property manager must ensure that the material and necessary information is archived by the housing company.

Online permit applications

Permits must be applied for through the Lupapiste online service. 

06.12.2019 19:00

Changes to sanitary facilities

Sanitary facilities refer to spaces where plenty of water is handled, and which must be equipped with a floor drain, such as shower rooms and sauna facilities. Kitchens, home utility rooms, and toilets are not considered sanitary facilities.