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Advertising fixtures

Permits for advertising fixtures are usually handled as operation permits at the Building Control Services. It is important to employ professional designers for these fixtures to achieve high-quality outcomes and to ensure that a permit is granted.

Properties that require advertising places for more than one advertiser are required to prepare a general plan for the advertising fixtures. If one single advertiser changes, it is usually not necessary to apply for a new permit as long as the property has a general plan. The general plan should also present other arrangements such as lighting and signage fixtures.

Recurring outdoor advertising fixtures in Helsinki must first be approved for their design, before advertising places can be granted.

Advertising fixtures are increasingly digital. The placement and adjustment of the latest technologies to urban spaces are always considered case by case.

See links on the right to other instructions issued by the Building Control Services related to specific cases of advertising. Also see a link to a publication on current advertising fixtures and guidelines for the future in Helsinki, produced jointly by various City departments. 

Advertising fixtures in accordance with the City building order can be mounted on walls without an operation permit (Clauses 9 and 21 on advertising fixtures). It should be noted that the free space below any fixture must be no less than 2.5 metres. Free-standing outdoor advertising stands can also be placed without a permit, but their placement must be in accordance with the instructions on movable stands.

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