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New construction and renovations

Typical of new construction projects is their uniqueness and their technical and judicial operating environment that is in constant flux. New construction is regulated by steadily increasing requirements for higher energy efficiency.

The City facilitates the work of designers and builders with instructions and interpretations that help projects to achieve the goals set in regulations. The City also produces local design instructions on building methods and the design of the immediate environment to aid designers. The Building Control newsletter tackles current and new themes from the customer point of view.

Building Control begins to control projects requiring a permit in the preliminary design stage. Preliminary meetings are used to ensure that the designers are qualified and that the projects comply with the detailed plan, regulations and good building practices. Read more about preliminary meetings on the Applying for a permit page.

Projects that do not require a permit

Only a small share of all building and construction can be carried out without a building or operation permit. Projects not requiring a permit must always comply with the regulations of the detailed plan, the building order and regulations specific to the project in question. Work carried out without a permitting process is defined in the Building Control Service’s instruction Operation permit.

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