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Waste management, dust, noise and water

People’s exposure to dust at construction sites and in their vicinity can be effectively reduced with good planning. The City of Helsinki Public Works Department has prepared instructions for mitigating dust hazards at construction sites (in Finnish).

In the Ministry of the Environment's Guide (YM5 / 601/2015) additional information and examples are provided for the construction and supervision of the construction work to take any measures needed to avoid the disadvantages of construction work.

The City of Helsinki's Environmental Regulations contain provisions on dust and noise control.

Temporary operations that cause particularly disturbing noise or vibration must always be notified in advance to residents, institutions of care, educational institutions and others who may be adversely affected. The City of Helsinki Environment Services provides information about night time noise and noise reports in its instructions for noise prevention at construction sites (in Finnish).

The handling of construction and demolition waste must be reported to the Building Control Services and the Environment Services when applying for a building or demolition permit. Water and soil removed from construction sites must be handled and placed controllably.

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