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Leasing and fencing of street areas

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The Urban Environment Division leases land and grants permits mainly for temporary uses of public areas by construction sites – streets, squares and parks. Underground structures that extend under streets, squares and parks also require a permit.

The Urban Environment Division can cancel the right of use, limit the right of use or alter the terms of use for a justifiable reason.

Temporary construction site structures

Construction sites can place temporary structures in such street and other public areas that they are entitled to use by a decision made by the Urban Environment Division.

Excavation in public, street and traffic areas

Excavation in City-managed street or other public areas requires permission from the land owner. On behalf of the City of Helsinki, permissions are granted by the Urban Environment Division. As necessary, noise reports are made to the Environment Services.

Temporary structures under streets

Structures built under city public areas are regulated by specific design guidelines. The guidelines point out matters to pay attention to in the design of such structures.

Structures extending under parks and streets must always have a permit from the Urban Environment Division. The builder should be in contact with department experts at the project planning stage.

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