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Supervision at construction site and responsibilities

The builder is responsible for the design, construction and site supervision

The builder shall ensure that the building is designed and constructed in accordance with building regulations and the permit granted for the project.

As required by the project, the builder shall possess adequate resources to implement the project and employ competent staff. The qualifications of designers are assessed by the City of Helsinki Building Control Services. The designers are responsible for designing the project in compliance with regulations.

Construction work requiring a permit shall be managed by a site supervisor. The qualifications of site supervisors are assessed by the Building Control Services.

In addition to inspections carried out in the course of the work, the quality control of construction and renovations includes ensuring that the construction materials used fulfil the quality standards set by authorities.

Buildings shall always fulfil health, safety and usability requirements. Owners are responsible for monitoring the condition of buildings as well as for maintenance and repairs as necessary.

The Building Control Service’s inspection engineers, building engineers and technicians provide assistance in matters related to work site inspections. The site supervisor books a time with them for the project commencement meeting and inspections carried out by the department. Reviews related to the location are ordered from the City Survey Division.

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