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Inspections and site location marks

You can check the inspections specified for your project in the building permit. The markings of the site in the terrain and the site inspection are booked from the customer service of the Real Estate Department’s City Survey Division. Construction inspections are booked with the Building Control Service’s regional inspectors.

Inspections carried out as necessary during construction include:

  • foundation inspection,
  • structural inspection, and
  • water pipe, sanitary pipe and ventilation equipment inspection.

In addition to the above, the building permit can specify other inspections and reviews.

Inspections carried out as work moves on

Inspections are agreed in the commencement meeting or as the commencement report is submitted. The dates and times of inspections are agreed with the regional inspection engineer by telephone. See contact information on the list of regional inspection officers.

Bring relevant documents to inspections

As inspections are carried out, the following must be available at the site: duplicates of the drawings and documents delivered to the Building Control Services and related to the work phase in question; completed studies and measurement results; and the updated work site inspection document.

The inspection engineers, building engineers and technicians of the Building Control Service’s technical division provide assistance in matters related to work site inspections. The site supervisor books a time with them for the commencement meeting and other inspections.

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