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Work site

Building permits include regulations that guide work site arrangements. 

Permit regulations are mostly related to:

  • needs for a site supervisor and specialized supervisors,
  • the organization of a commencement meeting, and
  • specialized designs and reviews.

The Building Control Services can assign additional construction-phase commitments to work sites.

Commencement of construction work 

Construction work (permits A, B and D) or other operations (permits C, M and P) can be commenced when:

  • the related permit is legally valid,
  • the site supervisor has been approved (if one is required), and
  • the commencement meeting has been held or the commencement report has been submitted.

The placement and elevation of buildings must be marked at new construction sites. 

The approval of the site supervisor must be valid before pile driving and/or earth construction is begun. A site supervisor is also required for demolition work in renovation projects subject to a permit.

Site supervisors are approved by the City of Helsinki Building Control Services.

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