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Construction site reports

In Finnish / In Swedish

Construction sites are responsible for reporting several tasks or for applying for permits or permission for them. The following reports and permits are compiled in the table permit, reporting and agreement requirements for constructions sites.

  1. An item that alters the appearance of structures and plants, such as a mast, container and smokestack; construction of a geothermal system (wells and related pipes); construction or alteration of a property-specific wastewater system
  2. Earth construction that alters the landscape, felling of trees or comparable operation
  3. Plan or study related to a construction project
  4. Excavation at a street or other public area
  5. Placement of structures (for example, sewer pipes) in a public area (longer-term construction sites) and/or conducting water removed from a construction site to such an area
  6. Leasing of a public area for construction work, for example, fencing off a street or park area as a construction site
  7. Conducting of water removed from a construction site to an area owned by the Sports Department, Port of Helsinki or a private owner
  8. Conducting of water removed from a construction site to a plot owned by the City of Helsinki
  9. Conducting of removed water to a storm water, wastewater or mixed water sewer
  10. Conducting of water that differs from domestic wastewater, for example, wastewater containing hazardous substances (including water from the remediation of polluted soil), to wastewater or mixed sewers
  11. Temporary operation that causes noise and vibration
  12. Remediation of polluted soil
  13. Renovation of the outer surfaces of buildings
  14. Operations that may cause damage to water bodies (for example, a long-term construction site, from which environmentally harmful waters are conducted to a storm water sewer or directly to a water body)
  15. Building or demolition work, which may result in exceptional emissions or actions in waste management

Construction projects requiring a permit must apply for a building permit. In addition, the builder must make a commencement report and mount a site information board before the work is begun.

Commencement report

The commencement report is made to the Building Control Services.

Construction site information board

Construction sites that significantly impact their environment must be announced in Finnish and Swedish well before the work is begun with a construction site information board or by other means. The information reported should include the nature of the project, address, the project owner and contact information, the time of commencement and the time of scheduled completion of the work.

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