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Information for construction stage

The initiator of a construction project is responsible for the execution and quality of the entire construction project as well as for the everyday supervision of the project. 

The main task of Building Control is to supervise that the initiator of a construction project fulfils their duties. In practice, Building Control approves supervisors in charge, checks the qualifications of designers and inspects construction sites.

Building Control inspects construction sites randomly and monitors the compliance of projects with regulations and with the terms of permits. Inspections are carried out to ensure that the work progresses according to plan, buildings under construction will be safe and healthy and that common interest is served at the construction stage. The building is approved for use in the final inspection.

The City of Helsinki Public Works Department, Environment Centre and Real Estate Department produce services for construction sites and grant permits. Their common goal is to ensure safe, undisturbed and smooth operation. Other key partners are listed in the chart Construction site permits, reports and agreements (in Finnish).

The designer is responsible for fulfilling the regulations. Supervisors in charge ensure that the building is constructed according to plan. The organization that has undertaken the project must ensure that the construction materials are appropriate and installations are implemented appropriately.

Cooperation between the construction site and Building Control is of key importance

A construction site’s contact person for Building Control is the site’s inspection engineer or foreman during the construction stage. An appointment to deliver special drawings is booked with the permit secretary of Building Control. Location inspections and supervision information is available from the Real Estate Department’s City Survey Division.

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