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Teatteri QO:n Kaukokaiku – Puppet theatre and short films in a camping trailer


Kanneltalo, Klaneettitie 5, Helsinki

Three days into lockdown, and a world traveller starts clawing at their globe.

Somewhere on the route of the Gulf Stream they find VSKNHA, a forgotten city that lost nearly all of its vowels a long time ago – along with the laws of gravity and logic.

The performance is a veritable cornucopia of imagination created during isolation.

GÖG is an alternate universe located below ground, where items discarded by people go to find solace. The most sensible creature in the chaos-loving GÖG is the young JIIRK, who is forced to rescue GÖG from their best friend EINO the lizard.

The ‘Mielen kartasto’ exhibition built around a camping trailer consists of installations, a travelling garden and drawings, photographs, recordings and items created and found during the creative process.

The programme is mostly speechless.

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Link to event Little Women (PG) – Kino Kuutamo | Maksuttomat maanantait


The first film is a new interpretation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel Little Women.



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Vuosaari House

Stories of children in peril are always distressing, but when the cause of their distress is that they’ve been kidnapped by their own mother, there’s an additional layer of warped psychology and disturbing motives involved.



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Malmi activity centre

Stadiaiheisia historiallisia lyhytelokuvia Malmin toimintakeskuksen Olohuoneessa.tiistaisin klo 12.30-13.30

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Link to event Little Mermaid

Helsinki City Theatre

The lovely Disney musical Little Mermaid has been performed at Helsinki City Theatre since 2019 changing the Main Stage into a underwater world.



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Maunula Library

Iloinen loru- ja leikkituokio 1-3-vuotiaille lapsille yhdessä vanhemman kanssa.



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Playground Rudolf

Erillaista luovaa toimintaa vaihtuvilla teemoilla. Ilmoittautuminen.