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Love Around the World: Finding the Way – Online performance | The JFK Playback Duo | Virtual Caisa

Tue  – 20:30

Cultural Centre Caisa, Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki, Helsinki

Dear people, JFK Playback Duo is back and looking for stories for their next performance which will take place on Tuesday 16th of June.

The duo is looking for stories to play back in their performance. This time the stories are about Finding The Way.

· When did you have to struggle to make a relationship to something or someone you hold dear work? What were the struggles?

· Finding the way for any kind of love sometimes requires sacrifices. When has something like that happened to you?

· When have you found the way for what or who you love? When was it too difficult to find the way?

· Sometimes finding the way happens in very surprising ways. When has something like that happened to you?

If you feel like you would like to share a story (in English) and see it played back, here you can find the instructions how: https://joripitkanen.wixsite.com/jfkpbduo/love-around-the-world

And here is the link to the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2598761817032510/

The show will be streamed on Caisa Facebook-page and Helsinki-kanava.


On the 20th of May, the series Love Around The World had its first performance, Falling (in love), with people watching all around the world. The performance told the stories of different kind of loves on different continents, and the duo played back the stories in different forms.

The show can still be seen on Caisa FB-page and on Helsinki-kanava.




Love Around The World is a series of performances about love and its side effects. Look at this online perfromance on Helsinki-kanava.

The JFK Playback Duo invites the audience to discover stories that change us, hijack our mind, force us to move or move on, or just smooth and simple, remind us to childhood, our wishes and fantasies. It uses the life and relationship of the performing duo as material to bring out stories from the audience and improvise them on stage.

Finding the Way

Where have you found your way to? Where did you come from? When do you struggle to find your way? A performance of stories about the process of finding your way.

JFK Playback Duo has developed this special concept of Playback Theatre, performed and shared their passion and love for stories in various countries, and these are the first open performances in Finland. This is also their first concept for a streamed Playback Theatre (Tarinateatteri) show.

JFK Playback Duo was born to a need - the couple Jori Pitkänen and Katinka Czigány had an immaterial Christmas coming up and they had no present. Being both professional, long-time Playback Theatre practitioners they decided to create a new form of Playback Theatre - a duo, playing back stories in different genres, poems, songs and movement. The first performance was a huge success and inspiration, and they decided to continue the journey of doing Duo Playback Theatre together. Being a couple made it all the sweeter (and more practical).

The performing group / työryhmä:
Käsikirjoitus, ohjaus, näytteleminen / Script, direction, acting: Jori Pitkänen and Katinka Czigány
Chattimestari / Chatmaster : Eveliina Heinonen

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