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FiBO: In the Stream of Sighs

Thu  – 18:40

German Church, Bernhardinkatu 4, Helsinki

Music from the Golden Age of the French Baroque

F. Couperin – Chabenceau de la Barre – Clérambault

FiBO Players:
Anne Pekkala, violin
Jani Sunnarborg, bassoon
Anna-Maaria Oramo, voice and harpsichord

During the concert we get to hear music from the golden age of the French baroque, its most typical music styles. During the entire era (approximately 1600-1770) the royal family decided the taste of music and François Couperin’s Royal concertos are composed for the royal events at Versaille during the age of Louis XIV.
The air de cour style became common during the age of Louis XIII and was up until the 1630s the most common profane music style of the royalties. Joseph Chabenceau de la Barre belongs to the most known song composers in this field.

The concert is organized with exceptional arrangements to ensure the safety of the listeners and the musicians: Only 45 tickets are up for sale and they can only be purchased in the webshop. The audience is seated with safety distances taken into account. Hand sanitizer and face masks are offered. You must not have any kind of symptoms of a respiratory infection when attending a concert.

Duration: 40 min (no intermission)


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Tickets 20 € including handling costs + 1 € service charge per order: ticketmaster.fi (no ticket sale in ticket shops or at the door)

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