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Aniara: Fragments of Time and Space


Finnish National Opera and Ballet, Helsinginkatu 58, Helsinki

American composer Robert Maggio’s composition fills the Almi Hall stage with heavenly new music, virtuoso talent and disparate art forms, including 16 singers from the Grammy Award winning chamber choir The Crossing, and Beijing Opera, which combines singing with physical movement.

Klockriketeatern's leader, director Dan Henriksson is also the librettist behind this holistic synthesis of the arts, based on Harry Martinson’s classic poem Aniara.

It dives deep into the poetic universe of the Nobel laureate author in the spirit of the original work, asking questions about freedom, responsibility and the contradictory love for each other and the planet.

Finnish National Opera and Ballet, Almi Hall

17.9. at 19.00, premiere
18.9. at 19.00
19.9. at 19.00
20.9. at 19.00
21.9. at 14.00 and 19.00

Tickets 24-42€

This is a recurring event:

Aniara: Fragments of Time and Space



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