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Kirjasto / Library

Fri  – Sun 

Forum Box, Ruoholahdenranta 3 a, Helsinki

What is the state in which an artwork continues to exist after its finalization, after the last stroke, last edit, last rehearsal, last dot has been laid down? What happens to it when it
is left unfinished? Art demands activation to be able to gather meanings. Art seeks sedimentation through repeating a choreography of performing and being perceived. To
construct an archive is to construct a continually activated value- and meaning- making machinery, one that produces the constant representations, the constant reiterations that
provide both the mass and velocity that the aura of a work of art desires to consume.

Kirjasto / Library delves into the processes of archiving and the archival modes of being. The exhibition explores the rituals of dormant archives that artists naturally form
everywhere they work, in their studios, their homes or any place where artistic labour gathers. The exhibition focuses on these personal archives of artists through an exploration of what happens in these processes of constantly re-performing and mutating systems of representations becoming exclusively implemented within the
exhibition setup.

The curators, Chih Tung Lin, Jonni Korhonen, Noora Lehtovuori and Ria Andrews, are from The Praxis Master’s Programme in Exhibition Studies in University of the Arts
Helsinki. They are interested in possibilities that the group dynamics bring to the creative process and curatorial labour. Their aim in this exhibition is to find different ways for the
audience to engage with experiencing the artworks in the gallery space.

Forum Box
11.12.2020-3.1.2021 Tue-Sun 12.00-17.00

Free entry

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