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Physical activity counselling for young people and young adults aged 16–29

Physical activity counselling is for young people and young adults aged 16–29 who, for one reason or another, do not exercise as much as their health requires and who need support for starting being physically active. The customer drafts, together with a physical activity counsellor, a plan that aims to increase the person’s everyday physical activity and a way of life that includes exercise and, through them, improve the customer’s resources for managing their everyday life.

For who?

  • The physical activity counselling for young people and young adults is aimed at Helsinki residents aged 16–29. The purpose of exercise counselling is to support a young person’s individual resources through personal physical activity counselling.
  • This is a process that takes six months and aims to use the means of exercise to improve the everyday physical activity of a young person.

What does the physical activity counselling contain?

  • During the physical activity counselling process, the customer drafts, together with their counsellor, a six-month-long personal plan that aims to increase the customer’s physical activity in their everyday life and promote a physically active way of life.
  • The physical activity counselling process includes three personal meetings and being in contact with the counsellor via email and phone, which all aim to support the customer in their process of change.
  • There is also the option of participating in small-group activities.

How to sign up

You can start your exercise counselling process by contacting the exercise counsellor for young people either

  • by phone: 0931032937, 0406573166
  • or email:

The service is free of charge.

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