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Regional exercise services

Regional exercise services, foto: City of Helsinki

  • Regional exercise services are organized in Jakomäki-Tapuli, Kaarela area, Mellynkylä and Vuosaari.
  • Residents in the areas are activated to improve health and wellbeing.  Regional exervise services are an attraction and improve communality in the area.
  • Regional exercise services activities are also organized in the spring 2019 in Maunula sports hall.
  • Regional exercice services pass (25 e) can be charged in 4 euros costing customer card in Liikuntamylly in Myllypuro, Itäkeskus, Pirkkola and Jakomäki swimming halls.

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In the future in Liikuntamylly and Maunula it is also possible to participate in exercise classes for seniors and adults with exercise class card. Course description is found in this website.

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Supervised sports

The purpose of the Supervised Sports is to provide high-quality, easily accessible and affordable exercise options for Helsinki citizens, to whom regular exercise is particularly important for health reasons.