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Fitness tests

Fitness tests, foto: Rodeo

Cycle ergometer test

The cycle ergometer test is used to measure cardio-pulmonary endurance. The tested person obtains a test report, which is several pages long and contains an assessment of maximal oxygen uptake, heart rate limits for sports activity and a fitness programme prepared on the basis of the test results.
(Price €40, duration 30 minutes.)

Muscle strength test and body composition measurement

The test measures your muscular strength and endurance, the flexibility of your joints, your coordination and your balance. Your total body fat is also measured. (Price €40, duration 30 minutes.)

Physical fitness test set

Includes a cycle ergometer test, a muscle strength test and a body composition measurement. (Price €60, duration 60-90 minutes.)

Details and reservations
Itäkeskus tel. 09 310 87205, Pirkkola tel. 09 310 87913, Kontulan kuntokellari tel. 09 310 87453, Töölö sports hall tel. 09 310 87858.

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