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Women on the move together

Women on the move together – sports services for immigrant women

The purpose of the Women on the move together project is to facilitate the integration of women with an immigrant background through sports and exercise. The purpose of the project is to activate immigrant women to be active and this way improve their wellbeing, participation and social relationships. The project also aims to improve the sports opportunities of immigrant women. All women are welcome to join the activities, even without an immigrant background. The project receives funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The applied methods are, for example, peer instructor training, sports courses and targeted individual and group form sports guidance. The operations are specially targeted at women who stay at home and have weak language skills and low education.

Sports information for groups of immigrants

A sports instructor can make one-time visits to groups of immigrants. During these visits, the instructor shares information about the effects of sports, gives recommendations and tells about the exercise opportunities available in Helsinki. A short, guided exercise session can also take place during the visit. Contact us, if you would like to have a sports information visit to your group, tel. 040 198 6517.

Further information on supervised sports
Senior Sports Instructor Jenni tel. 040 198 6517

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