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Special groups

Sports of special groups, foto: City of Helsinki

Sports for special groups refer to exercise that promotes health and functional abilities and, therefore facilitate as independent a daily life as possible. The guidance provided to those that require special support takes the customer’s needs into account so that exercising is possible regardless of a handicap or disability. If necessary, the customer’s personal assistant may take part in the class. 

Special sports are intended for the disabled, adults suffering from a long-term illness and for seniors whose diminished functional abilities make participation in other sport activities impossible. The available activities include fitness classes, independent exercises in the gym or pool, guided gym training and hydrobics.

Additional information

12.08.2022 12:13

Class descriptions

Descriptions in alphabetical order.

Special swimming card

Special swimming cards are granted for independent swimming to residents of Helsinki who have a disability or who are suffering from a long-term illness.

Regional exercise services

Regional exercise services are part of the neighbourhood service networks that meet resident needs with versatile activities.

Sports information

Sports Info is a great opportunity to talk with an expert about exercise recommendations and ask for tips on how to start doing sports.