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People with foreign background

Physical activity for immigrants. Men and woman playing with ball.


All organised leisure activities held indoors have been temporarily cancelled until 31.1.2021. The objective of the new coronavirus restrictions is to stop the spread of the virus in the Metropolitan Area. The coronavirus coordination group encourages private operators to comply with the same restrictions.

Additional information

Stadin MaaLi = City of Helsinki, physical activity for immigrants

In Finnish, "Stadin MaaLi" is an acronym for "physical activity for immigrants organised by the City of Helsinki".
Immigrants are very welcome to take part in any physical activities organised by the City of Helsinki. The city is full of opportunities to exercise and practise sports, both indoors and outdoors.

For more information

Hanna Marttila, tel. +358 40 634 2426,
Nelli Laustio, tel. +358 40 526 2317,

Activity in everyday life –animation

In 2020, Helsinki City Sport Services released the animation “Activity in everyday life”. The animation is published in Finnish and English.

You can find the animation in the links below 

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Class descriptions

Descriptions in alphabetical order.

Fitness tests

Details and reservations.

Sports information

Sports Info is a great opportunity to talk with an expert about exercise recommendations and ask for tips on how to start doing sports.