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Customer contract terms for Sports Services’ course activities

Paavo Nurmen kuja 1 C
PO Box 25400, 00099 City of Helsinki
Tel. 09 310 8771 (exchange)

1. General

The customer contract terms for Sports Services’ course activities are applied to the procedures related to the supervised sports courses arranged by the Culture and Leisure Division / Sports Services of the City of Helsinki. The City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division / Sports Services provides sports services and is responsible for the conformity to law of the content of their services. Sport Services has the right to change its services or their content. Sports Services is not liable for the services or content of another service provider in any part, even if the service can be accessed through Sports Services’ online services via a link, for example, or in any other way. Sports Services is not liable for any potential damage or harm caused by utilising any information contained in the services that may be erroneous, deficient or open to interpretation. Sports Services is only liable for the correctness of information concerning the products it sells and the services it offers and for their quality and functionality.

2. Sports Services e-service

2.1 Identification and registering
You must be at least 18 years old or have permission from your guardian to use the service. By using the Sports Services e-service, the user accepts the customer contract terms for supervised sports course activities and the terms of use of the Sports Services e-service.

The e-service includes personal data, the processing of which requires users to identify themselves before using the service. Online identification for the e-service is carried out through the VETUMA identification system, where the users use their personal bank ID, mobile certificate or their company’s or organisation’s Katso ID.

When you use the service for the first time, you will be asked to register. After registration, you will gain access to a personal e-services folder.

2.2 Data protection
The personal data collected in connection with Sports Services’ course activities is stored in the Sports Services’ customer register. A register description and other relevant information about data protection rights is available on the City of Helsinki Executive Office’s Privacy protection and information security page.

2.3 Usability of the service
Sports Services does not guarantee the uninterrupted, timely and flawless operation of the service. Sports Services is not liable for potential technical problems occurring in the service, interruptions caused by maintenance or installation actions or the change or loss of any information included in the service caused by them, or any data transfer problems, disturbances or interruptions caused by a third party or any damages caused by them. Sports Services has the right to interrupt the service because of a change, renewal or technical reason concerning the service, or because of maintenance, installation or service work carried out on the communication network or a similar reason, or because it is required by legislation or another authority regulation. Sports Services will ensure that the interruption is as brief as possible. If possible, customers will be notified of the interruption in advance.

2.4 Rights
All rights to the Sports Services e-service belong to Sports Services or other content providers or license holders of the service. Sports Services has the right to end the production of the Sports Services e-service at any time. This will be announced on the Sport Services’ website ( well in advance before the actual termination. The Sports Services e-service is provided by Enkora Oy Ltd.

2.5 The customer’s right to use the service
When registering in the Sports Services e-service according to these customer contract terms, the customer receives the right to use the service defined in these terms and any service-specific conditions. The customer is aware that even though the service provided by Sports Services may grant access to the services of other service providers, using these services may require a separate registration. More detailed information on the service-specific requirements, limitations and practices of the services provided by the Culture and Leisure Division / Sports Services is available on the Sports Services’ website

2.6 Responsible parties
Vetuma: Government ICT Centre Valtori. E-mail: vetuma(at)
Service production: IBM
Bank IDs: Each bank is liable for the identification and payment
Production of the e-service: Enkora Oy Ltd
Sports Services e-service utilising an identification and payment service: (Sports Services) City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division

3. Prices

All prices include VAT at 10%.

4. Groups entitled to discounts

The following customer groups are entitled to a 50% discount on some course activity products and services:
• children and young people under the age of 18
• unemployed people
• pensioners
• seniors over the age of 64
• holders of a disability card, special swimming card or BMI card and customers participating in the City’s sports guidance service.

The discount is granted during registration for course activities and is valid for one operating period at a time (approx. four months). To be granted the discount, the customer must state their age during registration or prove that they are part of one of the other groups eligible for a discount listed above, with an official document or a customer/personal identity card at the start of each operating period. If the customer does not prove their eligibility for the discount that they are applying for, the remaining 50% portion of the basic course price will be charged retroactively.

5. Payment

The customer is responsible for providing the correct information when reserving or purchasing a product by phone or via the Sports Services e-service. The reservation payment in the Sports Services e-service can be made through the online banking services of Nordea, Danskebank, Osuuspankki, Aktia, Sp/Pop and Handelsbanken. When enrolling on a sport course and paying for it through the Sports Services e-service, the customer must confirm the reservation by returning back to the Sports Services e-service from the online banking service. The customer is responsible for paying for the reservation and returning to the service. Sports Services is not liable for any disturbances concerning the payments or for the cancellation of a reservation as a result of not returning to the e-service after making the payment. At some locations, the use of sports services requires the customer to possess a personal customer card valued at €4. When the customer pays for a selected product, a binding contract is formed between the customer and the City of Helsinki. The reservation is only valid during the time noted on the form.

6. Changing and cancelling purchased products

Registration on a course organised by Sport Services is binding for the customer. If the customer has to cancel participation in a course they have not yet paid for that is organised by Sports Services, the cancellation will be approved if the customer has not participated in the course and the cancellation has been made before the due date of the invoice. If the customer has to cancel participation they have already paid for in a course organised by Sports Services before it begins, the course fee will only be returned if the reason for cancellation is a move to a different municipality, illness or death (a moving notification or a doctor’s statement must be presented). A fee paid in double will be retuned in full. A cancellation fee of €8.50 per handling instance will be charged for processing the cancellation. Repayments will not be granted for one-off absences from the course or cancellations made after the course has begun. If the customer wishes to change or cancel the reservation due to the aforementioned reasons, the cancellation request should be submitted to Sports Services by email to or by phone by calling 09 310 87501.

7. Other terms

Sports Services processes customer data in accordance with the description of the sports services’ personal data file available at the address Helsingin kaupungin rekisteriselosteet / Helsingfors stads registerbeskrivningar (in Finnish and Swedish). The description of the personal data file of the Sports Services e-service can be found under Liikuntapalvelut Enkora -tietojärjestelmän asiakasrekisteri.

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